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Shetland Mussels

The pristine ‘voes’ of the Shetland Isles provide the idyllic conditions in which blue mussels (mytilis edulis) can grow and develop. The cool North Sea has powerful tidal currents, which provide an abundant supply of nutrient enriched waters, allowing for thinner shells and higher meat yields with an outstanding flavour.

Process and Quality

Mussel spat attaches itself to ropes anchored beneath ropes in the pure waters of Shetland, for two to three years, where they can feed themselves off the naturally grown sea plankton. This means that as filter feeders no artificial additives, chemicals or medical compounds are used in the breeding process guaranteeing the rich and succulent flavours are one hundred percent natural.

Farming mussels in this way means that the shells never come in to contact with the seabed assuring grit and silt free meats. Moreover, the mussels spawn directly into the sea during their lifecycle and therefore sustain and renew their very own resource from which they are drawn.

Packaging and Logistics

When the mussels are ready for harvesting, they are removed from the ropes and are washed, graded and packaged into chilled containers for transportation to the customer. The mussels come in either 5kg or 2kg net sacks which can be debyssed and completely cleaned of any barnacles before being packed into boxes. The boxes allow for easy handling where mussels are transported live in a temperature-controlled environment arriving with the customer within 48 hours of harvest.


Tasty, nutritious and low in saturated fat and sodium, mussels provide a readily absorbed source of amino acids, omega 3 fatty acids, vitamins B & C and many vital minerals including iron, phosphorous and zinc. Mussels also have ¼ of the calories found in beef and provide a much greater nutritional value.
Aug 12, 2012
Shetland’s Finest Salmon enjoyed by Olympians
Well the Olympics may be over but perhaps you would be interested to know that Team GB had the pleasure of tucking into Shetland s Finest Smoked Salmon. Winning rowing and equestrian Olympians had the opportunity to savour Shetland s Finest Salmon which was smoked and supplied by...
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Mar 12, 2012
Landwise: Isles Lamb on Menu at Hot New Eatery
By Drew Ratter Shetland Times I was fascinated to be sent a restaurant review from The New York Times. It was very positive but at first I was not entirely clear why I had received it until half way down I discovered that one of the things eaten at this highly lauded eatery was Shetland lamb sourced from Shetland....
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Jan 16, 2012
Native Shetland Wool now registered under the EU Protected Designation of Origin scheme
Having first requested Protected Designation of Origin PDO status 6 years ago Native Shetland Wool has now secured this highly sought after accreditation from the EU. PDO enables Native Shetland Wool to be recognised by consumers as a premium product genuinely originating from the Shetland Islands. Native Shetland Wool...
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Dec 05, 2011
Silver Fleet
Shetland's Finest are delighted for Jamie Oliver and his events team who secured a partnership with Woods' Silver Fleet to provide truly sensational dishes on board their vessels including Woods' flagship vessel Silver Sturgeon on the Thames. As Jamie seeks to deliver menus which are globally inspired yet comprising the...
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