Welcome to Shetlands Finest

Shetland's Finest provides a wide range of distinctive local products with a strong emphasis on customer service. We present the exceptional quality of our islands produce and the rich heritage and culture behind these unique products. We work in partnership with selected producers and sell the best of what Shetland has to offer.

Shetland seafood is world-renowned for its great taste and superior quality, perfectly situated in the middle of the fishing grounds and in the heart of a wild environment ideal for aquaculture.

Shetland lamb is naturally reared on a diet of heather and seaweed, giving it an exquisite taste and texture. It is an exclusive product and highly valued by leading chefs in the country.

Authentic Shetland organic wool is a new product for the textile market, untreated and undyed it retains the lanolin necessary to keep it soft and easy on sensitive skin. From 100% organically reared sheep in Shetland, our wool is the genuine article.

"We're proud to have established a partnership with some of the UK's best suppliers, of which Shetland's Finest is one of them. They've been a supplier to Fifteen London for over five years and their product is consistently of the highest quality." - Fifteen London

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