Seafood supplier, Shetland's Finest, has just played host to Andrew Parkinson, executive chef at Jamie Oliver's Restaurant Fifteen in London and Tony Welch, Restaurant Fifteen's head of buying, on a fact-finding tour of Shetland. The two flew in to Shetland on Monday (19 July) to see for themselves where their seafood is sourced and the techniques used by the islands' fishermen.

Alasdair MacPherson of Shetland's Finest supplies Restaurant Fifteen and arranged the visit with assistance from Promote Shetland. He said: "The first stop on our itinerary was a visit to Blueshell Mussels to see, first hand, the environment in which Shetland mussels thrive. From there, we went fishing out of Muckle Roe on the white fish boat, Viora, to haul some creels and land some line-caught mackerel, cod and haddock.

"We also took a tour of Lerwick fish market so that Andrew and Tony could see for themselves the range and quality of fish landed in Shetland. Sourcing seafood from a sustainable resource and MSC certification is a top priority for Restaurant Fifteen and we were able to demonstrate the fisheries in Shetland that are already part of the programme and those that are working towards certification.

"The close proximity of our markets to the fishing grounds means frequent landings of high quality fish at its freshest and this is a factor that is particularly important to the restaurant."

Charmed by the source of their restaurant's seafood, Andrew Parkinson said:
"From our trip to Blueshell Mussels where Michael Laurenson fascinated us with his information and product, to the visit to Lerwick Fish Market, we've had an amazing visit.

"As a first time visitor to Shetland, I'm very impressed with the sights we've seen. Alasdair's knowledge of the product is second to none and he leaves me no choice but to continue to purchase even more produce from Shetland for use on our menus at Fifteen Restaurant London!

"The prospect of Shetland's Finest gaining accreditation from MSC is very exciting as we at Fifteen are already signed up, therefore we will be able to highlight this on the menu."

Alasdair MacPherson has ten years of experience in the Shetland seafood industry. His company, Shetland's Finest, was established in Brae, Shetland, in September last year and supplies seafood to customers across the UK, Europe and the US.

Further information
For further information please contact Isabel Johnson at Shaw Marketing and Design, Lerwick T: 01595 692465 E: isabel.johnson@shaw-online.com or Alasdair MacPherson, Shetland’s Finest, Brae T: 01806 522001 E: am@shetlandsfinest.co.uk

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