Native Shetland Organic Wool

Genuine organic Shetland wool is one of the most exclusive wool products on the textile market. Shetland wool is the first non-food item to be protected under the European PDO scheme. This will ensure that it remains exclusive. Only a native Shetland sheep could produce wool that handles so softly and yet retains its insulating properties.

Why Shetland wool?

The rugged Shetland climate has ensured the hardy Shetland breed has wool capable of keeping them warm against the arctic wind and yet cool on a warm day which in Shetland can all happen within the same week.

Over the centuries, Shetland sailors have understood the importance of their local wool and never went without their Shetland jumper. Its insulating properties have saved many sailors lives during the war when they found themselves overboard in the icy Atlantic. Those first to climb Mount Everest did so with the aid of Shetland wool.

Organic Standards and absolute purity

Only the wool produced by certain local farms can be processed to the high standards of the Soil Association. This wool is spun into Soil Association and Global Organic Textile Standard certified yarn using only natural techniques and absolutely no harmful chemicals, the consumer can be assured of perfectly pure wool. Organic is more than just a quality; it is also about supporting traditional handcraft skills.

The Yarn

The natural colours are achieved without any dying and along with the chemical free spinning processes you can be assured of a product that will not cause allergies or any health reactions.

These processes also allow the yarn to retain the lanolin, the natural protective wax in wool. Native Shetland Organic Wool is beautifully soft against the skin making it an ideal product even for knitted baby garments.
Shetland Organics CIC have commissioned local designers and makers to produce a wide selection of woollen garments and household items
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